WTTC Coaches extend their table tennis coaching to Alderman Jacobs Primary School

Xmas/New Year closure
22nd December 2018
Quality table tennis coaching continues for year 5 students at Alderman Jacobs Primary School- 26th & 28th March 2019.
25th March 2019

“INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION”. Whittlesey Table Tennis Club providing quality coaching to year 6 students at Alderman Jacobs Primary School. Dave Mucklin, Secretary of WTTC, Ms Craddock, head PE teacher and Peter Hau, coach and Chairman of WTTC, were on hand to deliver this coaching session on Thursday afternoon 21st March 2019. Four more sessions are planned for year 5 and 6 students on Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th March 2019. Next school ear marked for further coaching opportunities is Coates Primary School next month. Fun and table tennis skills learning were acknowledged by Year 6 students of Alderman Jacobs primary School.
MD of Hau Forensics and Chairman of WTTC (Whittlesea Table Tennis Club) and TTE level 2 coach.

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